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Oh no! Did you lockout yourself out of your house? Or worse, did you lock yourself out of your home? Or you, in fact, locked yourself out of your office? Are you asking yourself: “Is there a licensed dependable 24/7 emergency door company near me?” No need to worry! We have all the right solutions for you. Our certified door repair company provides discounted 24hr emergency lockout assistance! We will provide you with cheaper business lockout service and home home door opening service for a very affordable price!

Emergency Lockout Services

Our door company offers cheap and dependable vehicle lockout and 24/7 burglary repairs services, to everyone who needs getting keys in car unlocking services. We will send our door repairman to your home, office, or store at any time. If you need a certified lockout service to help you fix your problem, you can count on our company and door contractors to provide you with best and cheapest service.

Break-in & Burglary Repairman in Toronto

It doesn’t matter if your problem is with your car, residential, office. At any time, if you need help with locked commercial door, our lockout service door repairman will be there for you ASAP to meet your needs the cheapest possible, plus with a discount! Call us now, and we will immediately rush to help you out with our discounted door opening services!

With 24hr Toronto Door & Frame Repair™, you can finally be at ease. We are a reputable door repair company that is certified to provide house and auto lockout assistance. Our door repair staff is dependable and safe, and we will provide you with great quality service for cheapest prices! We also fix doors that have been kicked-in via forced entry. We will be able to restore your broken frame without replacing it in a new one.

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Watch and learn the importance of reinforcing your exterior doors and frames. We highly recommend to hire a professional door company or a locksmith mostly for residential doors as they are SO EASY to be kicked in or picked.

We carry complete reinforcement kits, high security locks and heavy duty strike plates, which will improve the overall security of yours and your family.

We also recommend you to have your sliding patio doors and windows reinforced by adding additional lock and by making sure all rollers, tracks and hardware are in perfect working condition and that there are no loose parts or gaps between the door to the frame itself.

TIP: Always close sliding glass doors and windows when going out of home, even for a short while! Burglars can climb! And they do so, so make sure to close windows also on the second floor. Make sure windows and doors are covered and the curtains are stopping from looking into your home.
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