Broken home door due to a break-in

Home security has become an important topic of concern here in Canada. With the downfall of the economy, the crime rate for robberies and burglaries are increasing at an alarming rate. You may see daily stories of break-ins at home and business centers on your local news channels. Most of these burglars and robbers use the method of kicking one of the exterior doors for breaking-ins. If you are a victim of such an unfortunate incident, you need the services of a professional company for repairing your doors.

CTV Toronto: Door Kicked Down In Break-In

Burglars can find many ways to enter your residence from a dozen angles. They will always look for weakness in your security system and make use of them to enter your house. For example, a glass patio door gives your house a very pleasing look, but they make an easy for burglars to enter your home, even when they are locked. For having a complete security and pleasant look, you should get your door break-in repair from the 24hr Toronto Door Frame Repair.

Home burglars must see video24/7 BREAK-IN REPAIR SERVICES

Toronto Door & Frame Repair™ provides 24hr break-in repair services for any residential or commercial door you might have. We available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a cheap and dependable burglary prevention and protection solutions in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Reinforcement kits at affordable prices
  • Kicked in door & frames or jambs
  • Cracked, split or broken door frames
  • Replacement of locks, deadbolts, handles
  • Door break-ins of sliding patio or garages

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Our services available for all types of doors and frames, made of steel, aluminum or wood. We will arrive via 20-45min, and the repair will be made in the same day, to assure you and your family are safe & secured.

It is fairly easy to kick-in a front residential door. YOU HAVE TO REINFORCE the doors and the windows of your house and business. We have affordable break-in prevention & protection products such as complete door reinforcement (kick proof) kits, longer and thicker metal strike plates and most important high security locks that can't be picked within few seconds.

Sliding patio door


Burglars take advantage of loose sliding glass doors, as when some of the parts are damaged it is easier to break into the door from the outside. When the locking latch is old and loose a simple screwdriver will open the door in less then a minute. We also recommend to install additional locks and security bar to reinforce the door.

Maintain your sliding and patio doors regularly, and have all rollers, tracks, handles and locks changed or repaired once they loose or broken.

We cover the entire GTA, including of Old Toronto, the downtown, North End and the East End. Call us today, will offer discount prices and the best door repair services in Toronto.